Sutton Seniors' Forum (SSF) is a great place to meet other seniors who have similar interests, designed to allow people to talk, make friends and share ideas

SSF is a registered charity 080557.

We are a non-party political voluntary group since May 2000. 

We are a membership organisation with 160 Members, 9 Group Members and 6 Trustees.

We hold a regular monthly afternoon meeting where we usually have a guest speaker on issues which are relevant to our members.

Our aims:

We promote the welfare and interests of senior people living in and around the London Borough of Sutton. 

We act as a representative organisation for all our affiliated groups

We provide a platform where matters of concern to older people can be raised and policies developed.

We promote policies which effect older people and generally put forward a positive view of them.

We help older people in the borough to overcome social isolation and loneliness. 

We arrange events, outings, guest speakers, entertainment and other activities throughout the year for our members.

We alert members to relevant petitions & campaigns regarding their wellbeing & welfare.  When appropriate we collectively, agree and submit. 

Why not complete our membership form and join us?

If you would like further information about SSF or what we offer,please contact one of our Trustees